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Building back greener!

Malvern Hills Community Led housing group are investigating suitable land plots for genuinely affordable homes to rent or buy.

The Malvern Hills Community Led Housing group ('MHCLH') was formed in 2019 by a group of local people who wanted to take control of their lives by choosing where, how and with whom they live and to design homes that ensure a sustainable lifestyle now and in the future.

Their vision is

"to create a safe, collaborative and restorative community that treads lightly on the earth."

Community-led housing has a different approach to traditional house building. It puts the needs of people first rather than profits. It is an empowering concept based upon an ethos of caring and sharing.

The aim of MHCLH is three fold -

  • to provide quality homes that are low impact, well-insulated and cheaper to run.
  • to build communities that are resilient, innovative and economically dynamic.
  • ensure prices are protected in perpetuity so future generations will benefit from them too.

MHCLH is looking for new members to join their working team and share the workload as they have identified suitable plots. If you have a range of skills and experience in areas as civil engineering, quantity surveying, accounting, building, design, planning and fundraising they would love to hear from you.

If you would like to find out more please email:

The following websites also provide more information -

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