Malvern Greens in the News

Malvern Greens in the News

Green Leader Caroline Lucas a Big Hit  (Malvern Gazette: 08/11/2016)

SWDP acceptance no cause for celebration (Malvern Gazette: 11/2/2016)

John Raine is nominated for Police and Crime Commissioner candidate (Malvern Gazette: 10/2/2016)

Housing Debate conclusion strongly echoes leading Green policy (Malvern Observer: 27/3/2015)

Greens lead opposition to council leader's housing plans (Malvern Gazette: 6/2/2015)

Malvern Greens launch debate on future of NHS (Malvern Gazette: 27/1/2015)

Hub privatisation not in interest of residents (Malvern Gazette: 22/1/2015)

Not all councillors have had wage rises (Malvern Gazette: 8/1/2015)

Green candidate calls for renationalisation of railways (Malvern Gazette: 2/1/2015)

Cash boost for Malvern theatre group (Malvern Gazette: 24/12/2015)

Fears of graffiti in Malvern (Malvern Gazette: 22/12/2014)

Doors to Malvern open to Syrian refugees (Malvern Gazette: 3/12/2014)

Malvern mayor takes ice bucket challenge (Malvern Observer: 3/9/2014)

Call for redebate on chief exec share decision (Malvern Observer: 21/7/2014)

Malvern mayor cycles 100 miles for charity (Malvern Gazette: 10/5/2014)

Malvern mayor takes to the saddle in aid of special families (Malvern Gazette: 30/4/2014)

Malvern Cube community centre seeks investors for solar electricity project (Malvern Gazette: 28/4/14)

Revamped health centre opens in Malvern (Malvern Gazette: 8/4/2014)

Hoping to coin a new idea for trade (Malvern Observer: 7/4/2014)

'Banksy' art work goes up for auction (Malvern Gazette: 2/4/2014)

Pay rise for members leads to ‘red faces’ (Malvern Observer: 5/3/14)

Painting footbridge will complete Link station refurbishment (Malvern Gazette: 21/2/2014)

The Cube to get a new cafe (Malvern Observer: 26/2/2014)

Mayor's Diary: we need to listen to the victims (Malvern Observer: 13/2/2014)

All the signs point to concern over cluttering (Malvern Observer: 17/1/2014)

Bullying Claim as Tax Discount Bid Wins (Malvern Observer: 15/1/2014)

Saving our bus services (Malvern Gazette: 18/12/2013)

New school for Malvern Vale (Malvern Observer: 12/12/2013)

Support for parents in fight to get new school (Malvern Gazette: 10/12/2013)

Traders Call for Action on Parking Restrictions (Malvern Observer: 15/11/2013)

Mayor's Diary: Amnesty International (Malvern Observer: 28/11/13)

Comment on increased cost of recycling in Malvern Hills (Malvern Gazette: 01/11/2013)

Mayor's Diary: food banks (Malvern Observer: 31/10/13)

Julian Roskams Visits Our Place School (Malvern Gazette: 24/10/2013)

Cube Land and County Council's Plans (Malvern Observer: 24/10/13)

Incinerator facing major delay (Malvern Gazette: 27/09/2013)

Pressure to build (Malvern Gazette: 23/06/2013)

Building bridges between councils (Malvern Gazette: 19/06/2013)

Concern voiced at plans for 699 new homes (Malvern Gazette: 17/06/2013)

Councillor allowances (Malvern Gazette: 10/06/2013)

Reaction to Green county council victory (Malvern Gazette: 11/05/2013)

Green elected Mayor of Malvern (Malvern Gazette: 11/05/2013)

County Council election results in full (Malvern Gazette: 3/5/2013)

Julian's Charity Bike Ride (Malvern Gazette: 15/4/2013)

Lamb reopening (Malvern Gazette: 12/02/2013)

Greens go it alone on MHDC (Malvern Gazette: 18/01/2013)

Homes on pub site approved (Malvern Gazette: 24/12/12)

Malvern councillors back SWDP after dramatic U-turn (Malvern Gazette: 11/12/12)

U-turn may cost council boss job (Malvern Gazette: 4/12/12)

Late bid for Outdoor Centre (Malvern Gazette: 4/12/12)

Long-standing Lib Dem defects and goes Green (Malvern Gazette: 25/11/12)

Malcolm Victory, wins 2012 PRIME Award for Senior Entrepreneur and Best Product (Green Party: 16/11/2012)

MHDC votes to take forward the report of the CPG, chaired by John Raine (Malvern Gazette: 14/11/12)

SWDP proposals are a ‘monster that nearly no one loves’ (Malvern Gazette: 11/11/12)

Publication of CPG report on SWDP, chaired by John Raine (Worcester News: 27/10/12)

John Raine addresses the Civic Society on the AONB (Malvern Gazette: 2/10/12)

MHDC debate on wheelie bins (Malvern Gazette: 18/8/12)

Julian Roskams addresses public meeting to save Redditch Youth House. (Redditch Standard: 20/7/12)

Julian Roskams elected to represent Malvern West on District Council. (Malvern Gazette: 13/7/12)

Julian Roskams criticises Three Counties Showground for ending discounted rates for disabled. (Malvern Gazette: 15/6/12)

Luna Deller announces her decision to resign following her posting to teach abroad. (Malvern Gazette: 26/5/12)

Julian Roskams announces Town Council neighbourhood plans policy. (Malvern Gazette: 18/5/12)

West Malvern Village news. (Malvern Gazette: 5/4/12)

John Raine elected Chair of Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. (Malvern Gazette: 1/5/12)

John Raine comments on Hornyold Avenue planning application. (Malvern Gazette: 23/3/12)

John Raine brings Hornyold Avenue application to planning committee. (Malvern Gazette: 17/3/2012)

Anna Stenning and Julian Roskams keep litter-picking pledge in Link. (Malvern Gazette: 24/4/12)

Julian Roskams letter on fuel costs and renewable energy. (Malvern Gazette: 10/4/2012)

Julian Roskams letter on bins in Malvern Vale. (Malvern Gazette: 22/3/12)

Julian Roskams comments on plans to buy Youth Centre land. (Malvern Gazette: 19/3/12)

Julian Roskams letter on work of Green councillors fighting cuts. (Malvern Gazette: 14/3/12)

Work of Green Party councillors in helping save the Youth Centre recognised at national conference. (Malvern Gazette: 2/3/12)

Julian Roskams comments on the security fencing around the Malvern Youth Centre. (Malvern Gazette: 4/2/12)

Malvern Youth Centre saved from closure. (Malvern Gazette: 25/11/11).