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John Raine has been district councillor for Malvern West since 2000.

As your district councillor, John has worked hard to serve and represent all local people and their interests. He has been particularly keen to achieve planning decisions that satisfactorily balance the different interests of applicants and objectors; to improve recycling services for residents. John has been elected for a fifth term.

To contact John please call 01684 565052 or 07786 198332, or email him at J.W.RAINE@bham.ac.uk

Malcolm Victory and Jackie Smethurst are members of Malvern Wells Parish Council, working for and with the local community.

If you would like to contact Malcolm, please call him on 01684 575156 or email him on malcolmvictory@tiscali.co.uk

Previous councillor achievements

Gas lamp in town

In the early 1990s, there was a proposal at the Parish level to electrify the highway lighting in Malvern Wells (maybe all of Malvern) and render the historically important gaslights redundant. Malcolm Victory spoke at the public meeting to retain the lamps and they have been preserved ever since. However, the costs to the Parish were getting prohibitive and then this year the DC decided it was going to scrap the 50% assistance that they gave to the Parishes. This provoked a crisis that ended up with Transition Malvern setting out a pilot of an improved burner for Malvern Town Parish, which can be seen in Rosebank Gardens, on the 99 steps. This halves the gas required and sheds more light so makes the lamps viable again and can preserve the uniqueness of this prestige Malvern feature.

MHDC, West Malvern, Malvern Town and Wells councils all got together and backed the idea so that now we can look forward to a more efficient gas service this year.

During her period as a Green councillor, Jan Dyer started the campaign against plastic bags in Malvern before it became mainstream across Britain, with good results. She involved The Chase school in making and selling natural bags and initiated local actions against the supermarkets.

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Green Party Meetings

Malvern Hills Green Party monthly meeting Tuesday 4th September 2018

Our next monthly meeting is on Tuesday 4th September, 7.30pm at the Guesten Room, Lyttelton Well, Church Street, Malvern WR14 2AY.

This month we have a special talk and discussion led by Hugh McMichael entitled 'A Fundamental View of Imprisonment', based on his voluntary work in the prison service trying to help some our most challenging prisoners.

All members are welcome to the meeting, refreshments and warm welcome will be available as usual.